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Our Story

how it all started

We grew up in New England, and in the summer of 2009 on Cape Cod came up with the idea for Harding Lane. Steve was always in search of the perfect fitting baseball hat, and we had always wanted to work together. We realized we had never seen needlepoint on a hat before, and that was our lightbulb moment. In 2010 we launched with 4 hat designs, and today have over 100, along with a full line of other products. Not sure how the time has flown by, but psyched that we've contributed to your now ridiculously large baseball hat collection.

Harding Lane is the street on the Cape where we grew up in the summer. We named the company after it since it's where we had our lightbulb moment. We hope every time you put on an HL hat, you're taken to the summer place you love too.

Most people think we're married, which is awkward AF, but always leads to entertaining conversations. Happy to say we're just sister & brother, having a blast running this company. Thanks for your interest in HL.

Sarah & Steve (siblings & co-founders)